About rotary events

Rotary Young Citizen WheelPower Sports Award 2018

Nominees do not obligatory have to be working on a Rotary project to get a prize. What matters is that they, personally or as part of a group, have conducted a good difference that has been recognized by a local Rotary club as one that is worth  a nomination.

All travel routes begin and end at the Rotary Lindenwood Park shelter in Fargo and travel along the Red River to Moorhead, MN. Longer trips experience the hospitality of the small towns and villages south of Fargo / Moorhead before returning to Lindenwood. A big hello to Sabin, Comstock and Barnesville, Minnesota! All trips are supported by volunteers from Scheel and Rapid Relief Team and Red River Radio Amateur. They provide communication, security, road control, refreshments and an excellent environment!