Rotating events in our time

Festivals of creativity for people with special needs very, very important today. you want to holiday was open, approachable, full of places, interesting moments.

Projects for the disabled thanks to the media.

People know about such projects thanks to the media, information agencies. For such projects need financial support and unusual meeting place: It is the place where you can not always come to people with disabilities – therefore, need money for specially equipped vehicles.
Teaching such parties for people with disabilities, we say to each one of them: «They are necessary in our society. You are talented, energetic, you strive for more ». The goal is to show these people that they deserve to travel, entertain, enjoy things they love.
But for organization of such events in cities it is necessary to prepare a lot of documentation. In this case, virtual data room service can help.

Reliability and security of the virtual data room.

Among the many functions, the virtual data room has the control of the documents. The control – who can see, any document, how you can access it and how long, disable, save, print, copy and share. This reliability and security is enhanced Digital Rights Management, which enables documents to be protected and leaks avoided in offline mode, preventing users from saving, printing or copying documents.
Apply customizable electronic watermarks to any of your documents, including any sheet in an Excel workbook, for nothing to be used, wrong or inappropriate. As well as the users the documents only with a certain IP address and computer.
If you want to return something can remotely revoke access to a document in an instant. Similarly, in VDR, there is a feature to install the timeframes for viewing a confidential document no matter where it goes.

With VDR – leading encryption technology!

All documents encrypted in peace with AES-256. While the transit files use a secure connection and support the agreement up to TLS 1.2 using a priority list ciphers. All parts of the process in VDR on are linked to industrial antivirus software.
Your data becomes redundant level firewalls and intrusion prevention systems. These systems security teams monitor 24/7 to respond to any detected incoming threats.
Automatic scanning detects and alerts you when new vulnerabilities have been discovered so they can be resolved. Annual testing for penetration is being developed by an independent third party as our internal audit-safe practice.