Modern quest: types, features, preparation for games

Quest games: types, features

Fashionable in the modern world, the word “quest”, it turns out, has more than one meaning. So by a quest they mean:

  1. A computer game (storytelling), in which the character is the main thing in the plot and must interact with a certain “game world”. His interaction occurs using a variety of objects, as well as communication with other characters.
  2. Tasks in the so-called role-playing games that need to be done. Having completed all the necessary tasks, the characters will be able to gain experience, as well as special money, the reputation they need, clothes, things, weapons and more. It may be the task to go to some place and destroy any number of villains.
  3. Finding a way out of a room. This is an exciting intellectual game in which all participants are left indoors. From the room they need to get out for a certain time. At the same time, participants look for objects and solve various kinds of puzzles. To immerse quest participants in a special atmosphere, a detective story or other storyline can be included.
  4. City orienteering. The one who prepared the quest should think through all the possible turning events well. This intellectual-extreme kind of game takes place on the streets of the city, as well as beyond. In this case, city traffic will be active, and therefore it is important to worry that such a game is as barrier-free as possible.
  5. A type of salon detective game that is intended for a large audience and held in urban cafes.

Participants of the quest as well as participants in the action can be everyone. It is enough to have a desire to try your hand in various fields. Moreover, it will not matter at all whether victory or only participation.

Storing information important for preparing for a quest

In preparation for the new quest, it is important to think through all the details. If you need to share information (rules, conditions, etc.) with future participants in the game, you can use the convenient storage. In this case, a secure data room is a great option. This product combines elements of a web content management system and a document management system. A virtual data room will greatly facilitate the preparation for upcoming games. In addition, the data room providers from guarantee maximum protection for all the information that will be in such a repository.

Data room management is very simple and affordable for every user. Downloading, and also deleting, moving, viewing, downloading and restoring folders and files is now even easier.

Virtual data room providers will help you quickly learn how to manage folders and files in the data room. The due diligence data room in preparation for the quest will save time.

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