The action-quest of people in wheelchairs and their friends clearly attracted the attention of residents and officials.

Active people in wheelchairs (mostly young people and athletes) gathered in the center today to remind themselves and draw attention to the fact that the city is uncomfortable for their movement.

She joined wheelchair users and a young mother with a 5-month-old Michael. She believes that her duty is to support the guys and tell the authorities about the needs of young mothers. After all, in fact, they face the same inconvenience as people in wheelchairs.

In addition to the action, the organizers prepared a quest for all comers – they placed five wheelchairs in front of the City Council so that everyone could feel “all the delights” of such movement around the city. And yet there were 5 caring who took place in wheelchairs. Tasks were distributed to each of them: drive through public transport, drink coffee, go to the toilet, buy bread and get a haircut. The father of the family coped with the task the fastest – drove to the tram stop – asked people to pick him up on the tram – drove a couple of stops and also returned. The main thing is not to set barriers and ask people for help, this is the key to a quick solution of the task from a famous priest.

All the time, the action participants and the quest were actively helped by Paralympic sportsman Jeff Olds, who was very active in helping the guys overcome all obstacles along the way to the administration, and then he himself lifted John up the steps of the cafe.

The organizers of the action assured that they would hold such reminders regularly. After all, it is important that others understand that the problem is not ephemeral, but real. So that activists, officials, owners of shops and cafes understand that such people exist in our city and they want to drive and walk around the comfortable city. That barrier-free is a common goal, not a necessity for several thousand people in wheelchairs.